After all of my years of study and experience, there’s still so much to learn about nutrition and weight loss. I love that things like bone broth, turmeric, and probiotics have become such hot topics of research and interest! Hooray for our health! There is one particular topic that I’ve spent a lot of time with, and is, I believe, at the heart of our wellness woes: Inflammation.

Chronic inflammation is so prevalent in most of our bodies and is a HUGE road block/barrier to our health goals. Whether or not we feel the typical symptoms of inflammation, it’s likely that our bodies are battling it daily. What does that mean for us?

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Well, what if I told you that the reason you’re struggling to lose weight is not because you need to work out harder, or cut more calories? What if I told you that your brain fog and hormonal imbalances were not a normal part of the aging process? What if I said that the pain you feel when you get out of bed, the inability to sleep, the fatigue, or depression you experience could be improved NOT by a pill, but by the foods you eat? What if I told you that there is just one thing standing between you and your health goals? Just one thing…sounds too easy, right? But it’s true. The barrier that’s been holding you back is inflammation, and I’ve created the tool to help you get rid of it…..it’s called “The Anti-Diet.”

The Anti-Diet is not a diet. (Deprivation and punishment, no, thank you.) Instead, it’s a 5-step process to live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, and allow your body to feel safe enough to thrive.

  • You DON’T need another meal plan.

  • You DON’T need a new piece of workout gear, or another gym membership.

  • You DO need knowledge of how your body functions, and an understanding of how to fuel, nourish, and sustain the magnificent machine that you are.

I have something HUGE to tell you:


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Most of us have followed diet after diet, with nothing but frustration to show for it. There’s a reason for that. Weight loss does not happen in a vacuum….everything that we eat, feel, experience, and touch affects the balance of our body chemistry….and that balance is THE key to your wellness goals. 2019 is the year for you to become educated, get OFF of the diet roller coaster…..like these women who share their thoughts:

  • “Lori Zabka has changed my life! I have dealt with inflammation and immune deficiencies for the last three years which was found to be food related. Now I’ve lost over 22 pounds, have more energy, better focus and over all better quality of life.”

  • “Not only is my inflammation down and pounds lost, but strength is being gained…in mind, body, and soul!”

  • “Life by Lori has been a lifeline in all things health and wellness. I’m feeling steady, strong, no ups and downs—Finally, a program that is healing me from the inside out.”

  • “I had been stuck in a rut until Lori’s plan….I lost 5 pounds and 5 inches in my waist in the first 10 days. I am a forever fan of “Life by Lori Z!”

It’s your time. Click the black banner at the top of the page to learn more, pre-order, save $25 before January 1.