The holiday season is here, and for many of us, this time of year can be a little tricky. If you’re like me, I dream of making “this” holiday the best one yet! I put undue pressure on myself to really knock this one out of the park….can you relate? When my Norman Rockwell-ish visions fall short, I’m left feeling stressed out and frustrated.

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I’m making an early New Year’s Resolution….starting right now. I’m letting go! The truth is that, as magical as the holidays can be, they are also filled with chaos, travel, sleep deprivation, overindulging, financial pressure, and family drama, most of which I have ZERO control over. This year, I have a strategy to keep the sanity:

1. Get Real:

By letting go of unrealistic expectations, I’m setting myself up to enjoy the holidays. It’s easier to embrace the unexpected and “roll with it” when I’m not holding tightly to a rigid plan. There is no “perfect” holiday….there can be such magic in our messes!

2. Don’t Over Commit:

I can’t say “yes” to everything this year. There will be parties, events, and invitations that I will need to decline in order to keep the calm. That’s OKAY! I’m going to let go of F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out), and set clear boundaries around my time in order to protect my peace. This allows me to actually have a blast at the events I do attend!

3. Keep Up My Healthy Routine:

As tempting as it might be to forgo my nutrition, exercise, and sleep during party season, staying on my routine will keep both my mind and body strong. Good choices lead to other good choices, and when stress is high, my health must be a priority. Keeping my commitment to wellness during the holidays will help me better manage the stress of the season.

My hope is that these tips will bring some peace to your potential pitfalls this season. Cheers to Happy, Healthy, and Chill Holidays!


Lori Z