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I was introduced to Wildtree by an excited friend who had just attended a “Wildtree Workshop” in her neighborhood.  While she was explaining how she came home from the workshop with a filled cooler, she opened her freezer to show me bag after bag of her Wildtree prepped meals.  “I won’t have to cook for 2 weeks!  And it’s all organic!”  she exclaimed.  She handed me a Wildtree magazine.  I called her rep and signed up to be one myself a few days later.  

What made me jump on this so fast??  I saw a good thing, and when I see a good thing, I want to be part of it!  Wildtree was started over 20 years ago by a busy mom who longed to put healthy meals on the table for her kids (her kids with severe food allergies, by the way).  Today, Wildtree offers “an array of quick, safe, affordable meal solutions that are allergen-free, gluten-free, low-sugar, kosher, and organic.”  They also offer paleo, vegetarian and vegan options.  Customers have the option to: Make Fresh, Make Fast, or Make Ahead meals to fit their lifestyle.  The Wildtree mission is simple:  To help people live healthier lifestyles and offer solutions to meal time problems.  Umm, yes, please!

As a nutrition coach, the first group of people I thought of serving with Wildtree was my clients.  There have been times when putting together the healthy meals that I provide in their custom plans, that it became too challenging, simply because life got crazy and they ran out of time!  Not being able to make a healthy meal at home can lead to not-so-great choices—-which leaves them feeling defeated and frustrated.  I think of Wildtree as another tool in the “wellness belts” of my clients.  Purchasing a kit or 2 a month and having meals prepped and ready for those chaotic days or weeks, promotes success!  I love that!  

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So, what is a Wildtree Workshop?  If you attended a workshop, you would select the Make Ahead Kit of your choice.  To look through options, go to: An email would be sent to you with detailed pre-workshop prep instructions:  shopping for, chopping and bagging the meat and produce.  

**There is the option of having all your (organic) meat and produce sent to you ALREADY bagged and chopped.  GAME.  CHANGER.  This is the option I choose, and believe it or not, selecting this option actually SAVES money, as well as time.  I’ve tried buying my own meat and produce vs. having it shipped and the difference was over $60….in favor of having it shipped!  

So, the day before your scheduled workshop, you would prep your bags per recipe, per instructions.  The day of the workshop, you take all prepped bags to the hostesses home where you receive the Wildtree kit you ordered.  That kit contains all of the spices and rubs and oils needed to complete each recipe.  You assemble, label, take home, and store the bags in the freezer until you are ready to use!  

Here’s what I hear REPEATEDLY from my Wildtree customers:

  • The food tastes amazing and makes even the pickiest of eaters happy.
  • Using Wildtree kits 2x per month saves the average family $300-$400 per month on their grocery bill.  Truth.
  • Clients are thrilled at not having to meal plan—each kit contains 10 Wildtree chef & nutritionist created recipes!
  • The relief that comes from having so many nutritious, clean, organic meals ready to go is immeasurable.

I have had repeat customers tell me that Wildtree has changed their lives….busy moms who long to feed their families well can finally do just that, even in the midst of a chaotic schedule.  

If you want to learn more, visit my Wildtree website: 

Reach out to me as well:

You can host a workshop, you can make the kits by yourself at home, and you can shop for all sorts of clean, organic Wildtree foods to add to your pantry.  I look forward to hearing from you and seeing how Wildtree changes your world.  


Lori Z.

Life by Lori Spring 2018-52.jpg