Clients come to me for help losing weight, changing body composition, gaining muscle or bone mass, acquiring more energy, stress reduction, or an overall increase in health and immunity.  Did you know that if the hormonal system is imbalanced, each of these goals become almost impossible? 

We have to heal and repair our foundations before we can move on to BUILDING the ideal body.  To that end, when blood sugar, gut health and liver function are out of balance, hormonal imbalance is also created and our bodies become deeply stressed and do not function well.   See that key word?  Balance.  It's a thin beam, and we have to be able to walk it gracefully.  

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I think our entire approach to weight and fat loss has been way off because traditionally,  IT’S NOT BEEN AN INTEGRATED APPROACH.  We’ve heard it said that “diets don’t work.”  No, they don’t….but the truth is that NOTHING works in regards to weight and fat loss if our bodies are not hormonally balanced.  We can’t just add some herbs, or supplements, or juices, or meds onto an already overloaded base.  The good news is:  Healing is possible.  THE BODY IS CAPABLE OF FIXING ITSELF!  There are 3 foundational bricks will be your key to lifelong change and success.

Hormone expert, Alisa Vitti, whom I heard speak at a class in NYC, said this:  “The only way your hormones can achieve balance is if your body does the job-and only if you safeguard and nurture it, with every meal and habit, every day, to optimize endocrine function.”  

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That doesn’t sound fast, does it?  It sounds like time, intention, awareness, and WORK….because that’s what it is.  Just like with anything else in our lives—we have to pour into the goal every single day.  But the power is ours. 

So the first order of business is to focus on the hormonal base, NOT the hormonal symptoms, because in so doing, the symptoms might just disappear.  The base, or the foundation upon which we will build our healthy house is:  


When these 3 things are brought into balance, healed, and repaired, there’s gonna be no stopping you.  

Do you want to dive deeper into the BIG 3?  Do you want to heal your body’s foundation, and enjoy a stronger, leaner, more powerful version of yourself?  Reach out to me for a personal consultation:  lori@lifebylori.co  

Allow your body to heal and come into balance with every meal, every habit, every day.  I can show you how.   

In Good Health,

Lori Z.