There is a lot in this world that is totally and completely out of my control.  Actually, it feels like MOST things in this world are beyond my ability to control.  However, the more I study and learn about health and wellness, the more I begin to see that, despite my genetics, and despite the toxic world that I live in, there is much I can do to positively affect my own health and well-being.  


I’ve begun thinking of my body as a castle, and my mind/spirit as its’ gatekeeper.  Back when there were castles, there were mighty walls and huge drawbridges and (creepy) moats;  there were guards and watchtowers and soldiers with arrows ready to fire at invaders.  

I feel empowered when I think of all the ways I can protect my castle;  how I can push out those things which might do me harm, and just by denying them entrance, I can positively affect my own well-being.  The first line of defense is making the choice to put life-giving foods into my body.  There’s always a choice.  

I have kids, so I will be honest:  There are usually convenient, kid-friendly snack foods in my pantry that I swear, some days, I can literally hear calling me from the shelves.  Packaged, processed foods (even the organic ones) are not the best choice.  Whole foods are always better.  Every time.  So, do I always reach for an apple and walnuts as my mid-afternoon snack?  Nope.  Sometimes, I lower the drawbridge and welcome the cheddar bunnies and the “organic” Doritos.  Ugh.  And I know better!  My point is that the choice is mine.  I can blame no one else for my less-than-stellar choices, just like I can fully take pride when I do make great ones.  I feel differently when I make wise choices.  My body thanks me and I know that my cells are being nourished.  I think that, for the most part, we intuitively know which choices are better than others.  We know what to hurl into the moat and what to serve at our table.  

The reasons for our poor choices are varied, and represent blocks that live in our minds.  Habits are the outward manifestation of our inner beliefs.  Maybe we believe that we are not worth a life of health and vitality.  Maybe we believe that we don’t have what it takes to make choices that breathe life into our bodies.  Maybe we are using poor choices as an excuse….whatever our reasons, they are ours….and we do have the power to change them.  


Being gatekeeper doesn’t apply just to foods, though.  Once you start protecting your castle in the nutrition department, you might see that there are a host of other enemies that want to invade:  negative thoughts,  joy stealers, busyness, too little sleep, too little peace, toxic people, and many more….

Right now, this day, think of 4 things you can do, as the gatekeeper of your castle, to keep out the “bad” and usher in the “good.”

I’ll tell you my four:

  • Eat veggies for breakfast
  • Pray; meditate; breathe deeply
  • Work hard enough to break a sweat every day
  • Be thankful    

Now, gatekeeper, protector of your glorious castle….what are yours?