My calendar says August 7, but there must be a mistake!  How could the summer have flown by so quickly?  We spent the summer with our toes in the sand, eating hot dogs at the ballpark, tubing down rivers, staying up late, boarding airplanes, complaining our way through road trips, catching fireflies, cooking out, splashing in the pool, slathering on sunscreen, going to camp, fishing, slumber-partying, visiting the grandparents, and eating WAAYY to much ice cream!  (Is that really possible??)   

We had a blast!  Truth be told, though, I’m sort of ready to resume the routine.  There’s something comforting about the familiar; about knowing what to expect, and letting our bodies/minds fall back into a rhythm.  Right now, I’m heading out to buy manilla folders, boxes of crayons, and bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils, but I wanted to let you know about a great way to get your family dinners back on track once school starts.  

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As women, we want to do it all, but some days, there are not enough hours to be supermom, lady boss, AND make an organic, home-cooked, delicious, nutritious dinner.  Fear not.  Wildtree is here.  

Wildtree, as you may know by now,  is a meal planning/meal delivery service that was started over 20 years ago by a busy mom who longed to put healthy meals on the table for her kids (her kids with severe food allergies, by the way).  Today, Wildtree offers “an array of quick, safe, affordable meal solutions that are allergen-free, gluten-free, low-sugar, kosher, and organic.”  They also offer vegetarian and vegan options.  Customers have the option to: Make Fresh, Make Fast, or Make Ahead meals to fit their lifestyle.  


I know you want this for you and your kids….I do, too.  Wildtree truly bridges the gap between convenience and home-cooking.  The Wildtree mission is simple:  To help people live healthier lifestyles and offer solutions to meal time problems.  Umm, yes, please!

Now, there’s even more exciting news!  Introducing NEW, Fresh Weekly Delivery Service, for Wildtree's Dinners in a Dash. Wildtree’s affiliate butcher, “Preslicely,” is thrilled to release this new service! 

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Beginning with the August Dinners in a Dash Bundle, you will have the option to order ALL GROCERIES from “Preslicely” (shipped over 3 weeks) for Dinner in a Dash FRESH MEAL ASSEMBLY!  You will get all of the meats, produce, and groceries for 8 meals (3 meals week 1 & 2, and 2 meals week 3).  If you prefer to order just the meat, for a one time delivery, we of course still offer that option as well. More details below!

Weekly FRESH Delivery Details:


Value: $5.73/serving, Natural: $5.98/serving, Family Farm: $6.25/serving (Add about $1 per serving for the total price with your Wildtree ingredients.)  

This is VERY competitive with Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Green Chef, and more!

Here’s what you do: 

Go to:

Click “Shop,” then scroll down on the left and click “Make Fresh Dinners”

Choose the “Dinners in a Dash” option and add to your cart

Then, click this link: to order your meat and produce.

Click on “Shop Wildtree Bundles,” then “Make Fresh Dinners in a Dash”

Choose the grade of meat you prefer, (value, natural, or family farm) and see the option to order ALL other ingredients, as well.  **You won’t have to set foot in a grocery store!!

Choose to have just the meat delivered all at once, or view the delivery schedule for “Make Fresh Assembly” in your area….remember, your ingredients for 8 meals will be delivered in stages:  (3 meals one week, 3 meals the following week, 2 meals the week after that)


Make sense?  If not, reach out to me personally!  -or- 434-227-8141.  

I can help you order, or decide exactly what works for your life & nutritional needs.  

Here’s to a fabulous school year, the return of sanity, and fresh, nutritious meals on the table….at least a few nights each week.  I’m with you, mammas!


Lori Z.