Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could make 180 degree changes in our lives overnight, simply by deciding to do so?  For the most part, that is not how we are wired.  Change takes TIME. We are wired for safety and comfort, so even if our current habits are not the most healthy, they are the habits that feel familiar and safe.  Breaking out of our comfort zone is a process; one that requires a plan and setting an intention.  Where eating habits are concerned: 


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We have to acknowledge the reasons WHY we want to eat cleaner and healthier, and then formulate a plan to do so.  Taking a trash bag into the kitchen and tossing out the “bad” things is admirable, but that act does nothing to change our patterns of behavior.  There are many, many ways to dive into the topic of behavior change & mindset, but today let’s talk about slow and steady changes that just might win the race. 

• Identify your triggers.  What is it that sends you sprinting to the pantry for a quick hit of something sweet or salty?  This is first and foremost, because without knowing what sets you off, you will be fighting an endless battle.  Think about your pitfalls, and then create a plan to overcome them.  Write out your action plan; tape it to doors and mirrors—seriously.  The struggle is real!  

• Eat protein for breakfast: Eating protein for breakfast will help to create or maintain a more even blood sugar curve, so you will be less likely to experience cravings before your next snack or meal.

• Get plenty of fiber in each meal:  Fiber not only helps promote regularity by flushing things out of our bodies, it helps to slow down the absorption of faster burning carbohydrates.  The result is that we stay fuller longer.

• Don’t go hungry.  Don’t skip meals or eat too little calories.  Eat your 3 squares a day, each complete with greens, healthy fat, fiber, and protein.  When you give your body what it needs to do the work of living your amazing life, your cravings for other foods will decrease.  Nourish your fabulous self.  

• Stay accountable to someone:  We are not meant to go it alone.  The love and support of our tribes are essential to making any positive new change stick.  Ask for help.  You just might inspire someone else along the way.  

As always, I’m here if you need help setting goals and making changes. Reach out anytime:  lori@lifebyloriz.com


Lori Z.