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Who would of thought mixing kale chips, a splash of California sun and a Billboard hit would be part of the recipe of my life’s work? My first big record deal changed my life—but not in the way you might imagine. To prepare for an upcoming tour, my music label teamed me up with a nutritionist and personal trainer.  As I watched my body and my voice grow stronger, I was amazed by the benefits of taking care of myself, not to mention all of that kale, was starting to make my voice stronger. Who knew?!

Those California singing years were where my love of all things fitness began. You would think my story would be all about my Top 20 Billboard song, being in Rolling Stone Magazine, appearing on MTV, the incredible tours and spectacular shows I completed but it’s not!

Years later, I decided to take a break from the West Coast music scene and focus instead on songwriting and spending more time pursuing my passion for nutrition and fitness.  

As a singer, I had noticed the connection between my overall health and the quality of my voice. Leading up to a big show, I would often train and eat a specific way to help make my voice as strong as possible. I quickly realized that the quality of my voice was my body’s overall indicator of my health. The stronger my voice, the healthier my body felt.

This epiphany was a turning point for me.

Drawing from my newfound realization on this correlation along with years of experience, I began to formulate my own method of training—one that took into account all aspects of the body and how each part functions with the rest.

On the road, I had learned the abc’s and how-to’s of maintaining a healthy lifestyle amidst chaos—from making wise food choices in tricky situations (i.e. a tour bus at midnight stocked with pizza and wings), to prepping and packing my own healthy snacks. Getting a fabulous and effective workout on the road was also challenging, but I found ways to make a backstage green room, hotel room, or even the aisle of a bus work just fine.

The skills I learned aren’t just valuable for tour life. They translate to anyone -- from busy moms to top-tier executives and thus started my online training program for busy livin’ ladies.

Today, I am a decade-long Certified Personal Trainer and Women’s Fitness Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine; I am a Nutritious Life™ Certified Nutrition Coach; and I’m a Certified Yoga Instructor through the Academy of Holistic Fitness. I also have advanced certificates in prenatal, weight loss, flexibility and sports and agility training.

I still sing and tour from time to time, but my full-time passion is helping other busy women find their own voices and live their healthiest lives, from A to Z. With a variety of digital and in-person trainings, I hear you, your voice, and what makes you and your body sing….from A-Z!