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I focus on the simple benefits that incorporating clean, organic, whole foods can bring into your life. I do not like “extremes” in eating, and I don’t like “diets, ” so I call my program “The Anti-Diet.” When we simply move towards nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods, our bodies are able to balance hormones, blood sugar, AND promote longevity, weight loss, and total wellness. Food is powerful! It can give life, or lead to dis-ease. I lay wise parameters, but ultimately, I love to re-awaken you to your own intuition. You already know, for the most part, what to do—you were created with the ability to nurture yourself beautifully. Sometimes we just need a little push in the right direction.

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When I train a client, I train from head to toe.  A comprehensive training program focuses on the body as a whole because our bodies were designed to work synergistically; as a complete unit. 

Whether you are already an avid fitness enthusiast, mostly sedentary, have limitations to movement, or somewhere in between, I will meet you where you are.  I train my clients for strength, agility, flexibility, fat loss, core power, and longevity.  I incorporate free weights, kettlebells, body weight, resistance tubes, ladders, balls, and bands….but I’m no gym rat!  I travel to your home, office, favorite park or hiking trail for a fun and challenging full body workout.  Sessions are 45 minutes in length. Just remember to bring your sweat towel and water bottle….you'll need it!