These are just a few of the oh-so-nice things
my amazing clients have to say: 

“What I love about Lori is that she tailors a fitness program to your needs.  You don’t fit into a ‘slot’ made for someone else.  She listens to your needs, assesses your fitness level and lifestyle choices, and creates a program which guarantees results.  You are going to work hard, and see results!  Lori makes this happen."
- Kristin, mom of 3 and business owner

“I had been stuck in a rut until Lori came in and gave me an amazing and delicious menu to follow:  one that fit into a real life with a family of 3 little ones running circles around me.  She escorted me to Whole Foods and showed me ‘secret products’ I had never tried, then came to my home and worked out with me and made it fun again! I lost 5 pounds and 5 inches in my waist in the first 10 days. I am a forever fan of Lori Zabka.” 
- Mom of 3, Nashville

“Lori is invested in your success and it shows in everything she does: workout plans, nutrition plans, meetings, work out sessions, texts, emails.  She was present for me in so many ways.  She found ways to make a workout schedule and good nutrition plan fit into my busy life as a wife, mom, seminary student and employee.  I love her!”
-Kelly, Nashville

"Lori has the tools and knowledge to cater a workout directly to you and your needs.  She teaches you how to fuel your body, motivates you to push beyond your limits, and inspires you to be your personal best.  Lori never gives up on you, ever.  Best. Trainer. Ever.”
-Sarah, mom of twins